10.0Garren Pedemonte

Grants Pass Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney

I have been practicing criminal defense in Josephine County for my entire career. In fact, I began my career in Josephine County in 2009. I have tried dozens of cases to juries in Josephine County and I have appeared in Court here hundreds of times.

If you have been charged with a crime or if you are being investigated by law enforcement, then you need to speak with me immediately. I can tell you exactly what you need to do in the short term to protect yourself. I will schedule an appointment with you at my office as soon as possible to explain exactly what you should do and how I can help.

The earlier you contact me the better. I can provide you the most protection if your case is in its early stages. Remember that anything you say to anyone can be used against you in court. Law enforcement will take your statements out of context and make your statements look like a confession. Making a statement to law enforcement may be the right thing to do in your case, but you should absolutely not do it until you make that decision with your lawyer.

If you have already been arrested or cited and you have been given a court date then you should attend this court appearance with your lawyer. I will go to court with you and make sure that your rights are protected in court. Sometimes I can go to court for you and without you.

Even if your case is already weeks or months old it is not too late to have me begin working on your case. It is common for me to substitute in on a case where my clients are unhappy with their current attorney. Sometimes your case will need a fresh start and a fresh look from a new attorney.

YOU MAY NEED YOUR CASE NEGOTIATED TO A FAIR RESOLUTION OR AN OUTRIGHT DISMISSAL. Of great value in your case will be your lawyer’s ability to negotiate with the prosecutor. Many times the prosecutor has an opinion about your case that is inaccurate and believes your case is much worse than it actually is. I have an excellent relationship with the Josephine County District Attorney’s office and I frequently sit down with the prosecutors in their office to discuss cases. I find that I can obtain excellent results for my clients by discussing my cases with the prosecutors. This requires in-depth knowledge of the facts of your case as well as talented negotiating skills.

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Being charged with a crime can be a scary time for nearly everyone, especially if you start reading laws and punishments online. At The Law Office of Garren Pedemonte, we can navigate through the details of your case and assist you.


From the moment you are arrested for DUI, your DUI defense begins. Having an experienced DUI attorney can help you navigate through the legal process and help you fight and retain your rights, including your driving privileges.


To help people that have been abused or are in danger of further abuse there are restraining orders. These orders are great tools to help protect a person who may be in danger to further abuse, especially helpful for women.

“ I Believe in putting my clients and their interests
above all else

I am a litigator and I focus my practice on fighting for you and your family. My goal is to run a professional and effective law firm that can help you with whatever problems life has created. If you have been charged with a crime, if you are facing a restraining order or you have been injured, or if you have been charged with a DUII, then you should call and speak to me as soon as possible. I am dedicated to your interests and I will be a powerful and effective advocate for you.