Weird Oregon Laws Still in Effect

Driving under the influence, breaking, and attempted murder is, of course, illegal in Oregon. But some other laws aren’t so obvious. Many states have outdated laws from past centuries that are no longer relevant. Furthermore, it’s surprising how some of them were relevant. Here are some of Oregon’s weird but still valid laws.

The Weirdest Laws in Oregon

  • You may not get married in an ice-skating rink.
  • If you feel like walking down the street with your shoelaces untied, you may want to reconsider. Any law-abiding citizen of Oregon would not.
  • Lifting weights while driving is strictly prohibited by law in Oregon.
  • By law, you cannot eat ice cream on Sundays in Oregon. This does not apply to eating ice cream on sundaes.

Even Weirder

  • In Marion County, it is illegal to walk backward on a city street while eating a donut.
  • In Yamhill, it is against the law to predict the future.
  • If you’re planning a fishing trip, it is not acceptable to use canned corn as bait.
  • If you’re an aspiring juggler but aren’t yet licensed, refrain from doing so in Hood River. It’s considered an illegal act there unless you have a bona fide juggler’s license.
  • In addition, whistling underwater, female wrestling in Salem, and having pet reptiles within the city limits of Springfield is also frowned upon.
  • And finally, ministers in Marion County are not allowed, by law, to eat onions or garlic before giving sermons on Sundays.

In Conclusion

While these are some of the strangest laws in Oregon, other laws are much more detrimental. You probably won’t get arrested for breaking any of the weirder laws, but if you’ve broken a more serious Oregon law, you probably need a skilled lawyer. Contact Pedemonte Law today for a consultation.

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