Cannabis Use and DUI Law in Oregon

Cannabis use has been legalized in the state of Oregon since 2015, but that doesn’t mean every use of it is illegal. For example, you might not have realized that driving while under the influence of a drug is considered a DUI case.

Why Cannabis? 

Cannabis is known for having various psychoactive effects on the body. It can act as a painkiller and help with stress or make you hallucinate and panic. You may feel hungry and tired or creative and energized. Depending on how strong the strain is, it can impair your ability to think and act, which can cause trouble, especially if you’re behind the wheel.

How the Law Works

In Oregon, you can’t be noticeably impaired by cannabis at all. Even the slightest “high” could get you in trouble. The problem is that cannabis isn’t as easy to measure as alcohol is. You can’t use a breathalyzer to measure the strong effects of the drug, and everyone has a different tolerance level and reaction to the drug.

The officer needs to assess your condition themselves. Having cannabis on you at the time, smelling like smoke, and having a slow reaction time can all point to a drug influence. If there’s any reason to suspect that you’re under the influence, you’ll likely have to prove your sobriety by taking a drug test at the station.

Who to Turn to

If you were arrested in Oregon for driving while under the influence of cannabis, it will likely be a stressful time for you. From the cost of paying fines to the risk of losing your license, you need legal help to handle it all. Pedemonte Law can help you work through your DUI case and face the court. Contact us today to get a free consultation.

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