Defenses Against Marijuana Crimes

It can be overwhelming to be charged with a marijuana crime. It is important to know that you have legally available to defend yourself if you are in this position and you live in Oregon. An experienced attorney may use the following defenses as they represent you in court.

Lack of Possession

The accuser must provide adequate evidence that proves you had marijuana in your possession if you are accused. Lack of possession is an appropriate defense if they can’t prove you specifically had marijuana.

Unwitting Possession

Unwitting possession is a defense that applies when you are unaware that the marijuana was in your possession. People who are convicted of marijuana or other drug crimes have the intent to commit criminal acts, as well as knowingly having marijuana in their possession. If you are arrested for marijuana crimes but were unaware the marijuana was in your possession (such as borrowing a friend’s jacket), you have a defense available.


Unfortunately, some people in Oregon are looking to manipulate others for personal gain. If someone intimidates you into committing a marijuana crime, you have a defense available to use. The most common scenario is a threat to your family unless you act accordingly. A legal team can defend you in court if you experience this.

Improper Tactics

Police officers sometimes make mistakes when arresting someone, and you may be able to take advantage of this to defend yourself. For example, if the police go out of the bounds set by a warrant, they use improper tactics, which could help your case. If you have evidence of this occurring, be sure to bring this up with your lawyer.

Pedemonte Law Can Defend You

The legal system in Oregon can be complicated to understand, but our team can streamline the process. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.

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