Firearms Rights in Oregon

According to the 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution, you have the right to bear arms, meaning you can legally own a firearm. However, certain laws must be followed to ensure you have the firearm legally, as possessing one illegally can result in significant penalties.

Age Requirement

In Oregon, you must be at least 18 to possess a firearm. However, there are two exceptions to the law, as a minor can possess a firearm under one of two conditions:

  • The firearm is only used for hunting or firearm practice.
  • A minor may receive a handgun from their guardian or parent or from someone else that the guardian or parent consents to.

While there is an age requirement, a minor may possess a firearm legally for a couple of reasons.

Background Checks

In Oregon, universal background checks ensure firearms don’t enter the wrong hands.  According to law, a federally licensed firearms dealer (FLL) must have all customers undergo a background check before selling a firearm. Also, Oregon is a “point of contact” state, meaning the Department of State Police (DSP) will be required to run the background checks, not the FBI. You must pass the background check to have your firearm legally.

Other Laws to Consider

Oregon has other laws to remember if you wish to possess a firearm. For example, you don’t have to enter a mandatory waiting period after buying a handgun, and you don’t have to register handguns either. You can also publicly carry your weapon or with a concealed handgun license.

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