Is Marijuana Legal in Oregon

Marijuana has been considered taboo and illegal throughout Oregon, and it used to be simple for police to arrest you for using or possessing marijuana. However, Oregon has legalized recreational marijuana use at home but not in public places. That said, there are certain limitations on the use of marijuana in the state, and police today are still cracking down on these cases despite users having additional rights.

Oregon’s Marijuana Laws

You must be at least 21 to use and purchase marijuana; otherwise, you could face criminal charges. You also cannot operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana, a law that has remained intact despite additional rights being enacted. While you cannot use marijuana in public areas, you are allowed to use it at home or on private property. However, you cannot allow underage individuals to use marijuana, as doing so could put you in legal trouble.

How to Deal With Marijuana Crimes

Police are known for stopping individuals unlawfully in regards to marijuana use. You may have been possessing marijuana legally, such as having just purchased it from a dispensary, only to be arrested despite doing nothing wrong. When faced with potential marijuana crimes, you must hire a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer who can defend you should your court go to trial. While this rarely happens, you need legal representation so you don’t suffer unnecessary consequences.

Speak with Pedemonte Law Today

Our team at Pedemonte Law has experience defending clients who were charged with marijuana crimes throughout Oregon. Unfortunately, many people still view marijuana as a dangerous substance like heroin even though marijuana has slowly become more accepted. While there are still certain laws you must follow, you generally have more freedom with marijuana compared to a decade ago. If you have any questions or concerns regarding marijuana use in Oregon, contact us today.

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