Strategies for Marijuana Crime Defense

Facing charges related to marijuana can be daunting, especially without a clear understanding of your legal options. If you’re in Oregon, it’s crucial to know the available defenses that a seasoned attorney can employ on your behalf. Here are some potential defenses commonly utilized in court:

Challenge Lack of Possession

For an accusation of marijuana possession to hold weight, the prosecution must furnish substantial evidence proving your direct ownership of the substance. Lack of possession becomes a valid defense if the prosecution fails to establish concrete evidence linking you to the marijuana.

Assert Unwitting Possession

Unwitting possession is a plausible defense when you were genuinely unaware of having marijuana in your possession. Unlike individuals with intent to commit criminal acts, unwitting possessors lack awareness of the illicit substance in their vicinity. If arrested for marijuana-related offenses under such circumstances (e.g., borrowing a friend’s jacket containing marijuana), you can invoke this defense.


Instances of coercion, where individuals are coerced or manipulated into committing marijuana-related offenses, can serve as a viable defense strategy. Threats targeting your loved ones or personal safety can compel you to engage in criminal activities. Legal representation can advocate for your innocence in such coercive situations.

Challenge Improper Police Tactics

Law enforcement errors during arrests can significantly impact your defense strategy. Instances where police exceed the scope of a warrant or engage in improper conduct can be grounds for challenging the legality of your arrest. Providing evidence of such procedural violations strengthens your defense in court.

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