What Should I Do After I Get a DUI?

If you’re reading this then last night may have been a rough night for you; maybe the worst night of your life. I’m here to tell you that the worst is over and that you and your future will be … Continued

How do I get these crimes off my record?

The criminal justice system can be very unforgiving and often times very unfair. The majority of people that are charged with crimes end up with at least one conviction on their record. This is unfortunate, because we live in a … Continued

Did wrong way driver slip through DMV records?

Medford, Ore.– Judge Timothy Barnack sent a strong message Thursday and set bail at $1,000,000 bail for Richard Webster Scott. Prosecutors said Scott had at least five DUI’s out of California and said he was drunk again when he got … Continued

8 Tips for protecting yourself during a DUII stop

Getting charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence Intoxicants) is something that can happen to anyone. Normal people get charged with DUI’s and completely innocent people get charged with DUI’s. People that are taking a valid prescription get charged … Continued

6 Things to consider when being investigated for a crime

If you are under investigation by law enforcement then you should call me for a free consultation Immediately. 541-772-3080 Whether you are guilty or innocent, you need to act in order to protect yourself from law enforcement and from the state of Oregon. If … Continued

Oregon’s Felony Sentencing Guideline Grid

The most pressing question that my clients’ want answered when they are charged with a crime is “how much trouble am I in?” Naturally, everyone wants to know if they are facing a jail sentence, and for how long. Nearly … Continued

Firearm Rights Reinstatement

This week in our local Courthouse an individual was in front of the Judge asking that his right to own a firearm be reinstated. About eight years ago he was involved in a drunken driving accident where someone was hurt. … Continued