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The Law Office of Garren Pedemonte
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 8 reviews
 by Andrew Wilson, Personal Injury Lawyer in Medford, OR
Highly Recommended

I run a civil law practice. Garren is the attorney that I trust to refer my clients to when they are in need of a criminal defense attorney. He is hardworking and will fight for you throughout. Highly Recommended.

 by Real Estate Lawyer in Palo Alto, CA

I have known Garren for several years, and gladly endorse him. He is a hard-working and intelligent attorney, and would refer clients to him without hesitation

 by Family Law Attorney in Medford, OR

I have had the opportunity to work with Garren and have seen first-hand what a fantastic attorney he is. His presence in the courtroom will give any client of his an upper-hand. He is quick-witted, intelligent, and truly cares about his clients. Anyone faced with a difficult legal matter would be lucky to have Garren as their attorney. I strongly endorse this lawyer.

 by Business Attorney in Palo Alto

Garren is a professional and skilled attorney in and out of the courtroom. He is an educated and articulate advocate for his clients, and he is also friendly and a pleasure to work with. I strongly endorse Garren for his criminal defense and broader litigation practice

 by Criminal Defense Attorney in Medford, OR.

Garren is an attorney that you can always count on to have done his work, to have done it well and truly by his clients, and to throw in a little bit of swagger when the time is right. I recommend Garren Pedemonte as an attorney and confidant

 by State, Local, and Municipal Law Attorney in Medford, OR.

Garren Pedemonte is an outstanding attorney and a great guy. It is clear from watching Garren in court that he is a tireless advocate who leaves no stone unturned. I heartily endorse Garren and would trust any client to his care. Moreover, Garren’s numerous interests make him a genuinely interesting guy with whom it is a pleasure to spend time

 by Lawyer in Medford OR.

I strongly endorse Mr. Pedemonte as a skilled and creative litigator as well as a great person who you can rely upon. Garren has everything a client would want in an attorney. He is experienced; he is knowledgeable about the law; he is passionate about helping his clients. I am pleased to confidently refer clients to Garren, for I know they will receive the care of a devoted and resourceful advocate. Oh yeah, he is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and from his temperament, you’ll be surprised he’s a lawyer. He’s certainly not the stereotypical one. Hire Garren. You won’t regret it

 by Fellow Lawyer in Medford Oregon

I have seen few attorneys who have Garren’s courtroom presence. His pose, ability to think quickly on his feet, and his efficient communication style ensure his client’s interests are effectively heard – no matter the venue. When litigation is unlikely, these traits and his willingness to fully litigate cases ensure optimal negotiation results. As Garren’s colleague, I can confidently say you would be hard-pressed to find better legal representation.