Often times Judges will make a quick and emotional decision when setting someone’s bail and they make their decision without some of the most important information. Unfortunately, if you appear before a Judge without a lawyer the Judge will make a bail decision based solely on the prosecutor’s version of the facts. This can result in a Judge setting someone’s bail at an amount that is far too high when, in fact, the individual should be permitted to go home.

It is important to have a lawyer appear for you at your first appearance. A lawyer will be able to protect your rights and will be there to communicate your version of the facts to the Judge to ensure that the Judge makes a fair decision. A lawyer will be able tell the Judge why it is important that you be permitted to remain out of custody while your charge is pending. It is often very important to the Judge whether or not you have children or a job, or whether you can convince the Judge that you are not a flight risk.

If a family member or friend of yours is already in custody then I may be able to help get them out. I have argued dozens of bail hearings. The vast majority of them I have convinced the Judge to either release my client or to lower his or her bail to an amount the family can pay.