I recognize how daunting it can be to be charged with a sex crime. I am prepared to provide my clients with the aggressive and relentless representation that you need. Sex crimes are unlike any other crimes that one can be charged with. Beyond the legal ramifications that can accompany a conviction, the enormous social consequences that surround sex cases are severe and very real.

Many sex cases do not go to trial, however to be adequately represented, your lawyer must prepare your case from the very beginning as if it will go to trial. I am prepared to go the distance in my efforts to help you address your particular situation and I will build the strongest case possible.

Some of the more common sex crimes that I have represented clients on include:

  1. Rape
  2. Sex Abuse
  3. Sodomy
  4. Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor
  5. Failure to Report as a Sex Offender

I have worked with many different investigators during my career. I have also consulted with and retained experts in the areas of memory recollection, suggestive police procedures, child interviewing guidelines, forensic and DNA analysis, and false confessions. I have worked dozens of sex cases from start to finish and I know what it takes to help defend you against the state. If you have been contacted by law enforcement regarding a potential sex crime you must not speak with them under any circumstances. Instead you should call me immediately. Providing the police a statement may be the biggest mistake you make in your entire life. Tell the police that you are not willing to speak with them and that you need a lawyer.