If you have been charged with a traffic violation, there can be many potential consequences.  You might be concerned about the spike in insurance rates that frequently accompany a traffic violation. If you drive professionally you may be facing a potential job loss and you may be worried about your livelihood. Many drivers are concerned about a potential license suspension that can be issued as a result of a traffic infraction. Some who drive for a living are facing a potential job loss as a result of a traffic violation.

Not all traffic violations carry the same consequences.  In one case, the evidence may be strong, while in another case the evidence may be weak.  Sometimes, I see cases where the police pile on charges, or “throw the book” at the motorist.  Practices vary considerably from one police officer to another, from one law enforcement agency to another, and from one county to another. Motorists who have a poor driving record are frequently treated worse than those who have a spotless driving history.

Unlike some States, Oregon does not have a “point” system for classifying traffic infractions. Nor does Oregon have a uniform practice in regard to allowing a motorist to take a driver safety class in order to earn the dismissal of a ticket. There is no one strategy that works for all cases.  I find that optimal results can be accomplished for my clients by treating every client as an individual and tailoring my advocacy on behalf of my client based on the unique facts and circumstances which are presented.