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In 1994 the people of Oregon passed Ballot Measure 11. The enactment established mandatory prison sentences for many crimes. Measure 11 crimes are considered the most serious crimes in Oregon. Anyone convicted of a Measure 11 crime will be sentenced to a minimum of 70 months of prison.

In my career I have tried difficult and complex Measure 11 cases to a jury and I have represented dozens of clients charged with Measure 11 crimes. I have worked with multiple investigators and experts and filed many motions designed to attack the District Attorney’s cases against my clients.

If you or someone you know is being investigated for a Measure 11 crime, it is imperative that you speak to a skilled lawyer immediately. In many Measure 11 cases a lawyer and his or her investigator needs to begin working on your case immediately. Many times the work that a lawyer does at the beginning of an investigation will make all the difference in a case. Remember that the District Attorney and the police will work on building a case against you and that they have extensive resources at their disposal.

If you have been contacted by the police about a Measure 11 investigation, you should not speak to them, no matter the situation. Instead, tell them that you are not willing to provide a statement and that you need to speak to a lawyer. Additionally, you need to know that in Oregon anyone can record a conversation over the phone without telling you and without obtaining a warrant. If someone contacts you by phone and wants to talk about any past transgressions hang up the phone and call me immediately.

Murder25 years
1st degree Manslaughter10 years
2nd degree Manslaughter6 years, 3 months
1st degree Assault7 years, 6 months
2nd degree Assault5 years, 10 months
1st degree Kidnapping7 years, 6 months
2nd degree Kidnapping5 years, 10 months
1st degree Rape8 years, 4 months
2nd degree Rape6 years, 3 months
1st degree Sodomy8 years, 4 months
2nd degree Sodomy6years, 3 months
1st degree Unlawful sexual penetration8 years, 4 months
2nd degree Unlawful sexual penetration6 years, 3 months
1st degree Sexual abuse6 years, 3 months
1st degree Robbery7 years, 6 months
2nd degree Robbery5 years, 10 months