You have a choice when it comes to selecting the right attorney to advocate for you during your divorce or your child custody dispute. Making the right decision can make all the difference in your case. My firm is a full-service family law firm. I have the expertise and the drive to be a successful advocate for your particular case.

I will work for you and I will put your interests first. If it is possible to work out your family case without going to trial then I will do that. If your case must go to trial then I will fight vigorously to reach your goals.

If you are having family law issues then you should strongly consider consulting a lawyer. Individuals who choose to hire a lawyer to guide them through such a delicate and stressful situation generally have a much easier time resolving their matter, and are often far more successful.

Legal situations involving family relationships can be highly emotional, especially when children are involved. Having a lawyer who is aggressive in addressing these matters can be beneficial to all involved and can significantly reduce a great deal of pressure. I will help you navigate the potentially dangerous waters of family law with the best chance of a successful outcome.