It may be appropriate for you to seek a modification in your family law case. A modification may become appropriate with child custody, child support, parenting time, or spousal support. If a judgment has been previously entered in your case and there has been a change of circumstances in any of these areas then you should contact me.

Child Custody Modification

At the end of a divorce case that involves children, the Judge will make a ruling on which parent will have custody of the child. After a final order has been entered a child custody modification can be brought to change the parent named as the custodial parent. This could either be agreed upon by both parents or it can be ordered by a Judge. If you believe your children need you as their custodial parent then you should contact me.

Child Support & Spousal Support

Child support may be modified after a final order has been entered. An adjustment or change in your child support obligation may be appropriate if your circumstance has changed significantly. Factors that a Judge would consider in deciding whether to change your child support obligation would include changes in income or parenting schedule.

Parenting Time

Parenting plans are imposed either by agreement between the parents or by the Judge. Generally a parenting plan will govern things like parenting time, how decisions about the child are made, and how parents will resolve disputes. A parenting plan may be modified if the modification is made in the child’s best interest. Just as parenting plans are created by either agreement or by a Judge, a modification can be made in the same way. If you think you need a modification in your parenting plan, then you should call me.