Forfeiture and Asset Seizure

Under certain circumstances the police can seize your property. This is the case if they believe that your property is the “proceeds of criminal activity.” The seizure of your property is not limited to cash, although cash is what they are most often after. I encourage everyone to watch this short video to learn about seizure of property by law enforcement:


Yes you can. There are multiple ways for you to fight back and for you to get your property returned to you. Although police are seizing more and more property these days, their actions are still subject to the law. They have to seize your property correctly and lawfully. If they make a mistake in seizing your property then you may be entitled to get it back automatically and quickly.

Ultimately you are entitled to a jury trial on whether your property should be forfeited or not. This means that the prosecutor will have to prove to a jury that your property was the proceeds of criminal activity.


If you have had property seized by law enforcement then you need to act immediately. There are strict deadlines that you must meet. If you fail to respond by a certain time then you will automatically give up your right to get your property back.

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