Bail Hearing Attorney Garren Pedemonte

If my clients are in custody in Josephine County, one of the first things I do is consider how I can get them out. Judges often times set bail on a case with very little knowledge about the facts of the case. Often times Judges are hamstrung by the law and they are required to set bail on a case even if the defendant’s actions are not very serious or criminal.

I have conducted dozens of bail hearings and in almost every one of those I have convinced the Judge to either release my client or lower bail to an amount that we can afford to get them out. Typically the Judges care about the following facts when setting bail:

  • The facts of the case and the nature of my client’s actions
  • The danger of my client reoffending while on release
  • My client’s connections to the community and the danger of them fleeing
  • My client’s need to be released from custody, ie: their job, children, etc…

It is important to have a lawyer on the case before a Judge sets a bail amount. If you are considering hiring an attorney to conduct a bail hearing please give me a call and I will let you know if I can help.