Grants Pass Diversion Program

The majority of DUII charges resolve with the Defendant pleading into Diversion. If you have been charged with a DUII then you should consider entering into Diversion, but you should not do so without first speaking with me or another lawyer about the decision.

Diversion is a program that allows you to participate in treatment classes in exchange for a dismissal of the DUII charge against you. Diversion is a great program for many people, but it is not right for everyone. You should call me for a free consultation and I will help you decide if Diversion is right for you.

Diversion has four major components to it. If you complete the four following components then you will “graduate” diversion and the case against you will be dismissed.

1. Pay your diversion fee to the Josephine County Circuit Court in the amount of $490.
2. Do a drug and alcohol evaluation Josephine County Community Justice and complete treatment (typically 90 days of treatment classes costing approximately $750).
3. Attend the Victim Impact Panel.
4. Install the Interlock Ignition Device in your car if you intend to drive.


Diversion Eligibility

Not everyone is permitted to participate in Diversion. If you fall into one of the following categories or scenarios then you may not be eligible for Diversion.

• You have been convicted of a DUII in the previous 15 years.
• You have participated in Diversion in the previous 15 years.
• You were involved in an accident and someone was injured in the accident.
• You hold a Commercial Driver’s License.
• You have previously been ordered by a Judge to participate in a drug or alcohol treatment program.

Even if you think you may NOT be eligible for Diversion you should call and speak to me about it. In the past – and on several occasions – I have convinced the Judge or prosecutor to allow my clients to participate in Diversion even though they first appeared ineligible.


Pros and Cons of Diversion

Diversion is not right for everyone. Regardless of whether or not you decide to do Diversion, you should still speak with an attorney before making the decision. I will provide you with a free consultation and help you decide if Diversion is right for you.

Diversion Pros
• You avoid a conviction that you could never get expunged off of your record.
• You avoid jail (usually between 10 and 60 days of jail).
• You avoid a one year driver’s license suspension.
• You avoid a large fine (minimum $1250).

Diversion Cons
• If you are innocent you have to give up your right to fight for your innocence. You must plead guilty or no contest to enter into Diversion.
• The Diversion rules are very rigid and if you make a mistake on Diversion you may be terminated and then sentenced for the DUII.
• You must participate in treatment classes that typically last for 90 days.
• Diversion will cost you approximately $1500 to participate in it.
• You cannot drink any alcohol for the Diversion period of one year.