Domestic Violence Attorney in Grants Pass

Domestic violence crimes are a priority for police and prosecutors. If police believe that you committed a domestic violence crime, then they will arrest and lodge you in the jail, no matter what. Domestic violence refers to family members, household members, or persons related by blood. Unfortunately, often times the state and police are called to a small fight between family members. Once the police are present they will be quick to make an arrest.

The consequences of getting convicted of a domestic violence crime can be much more severe than a normal crime. A person may be ordered to participate in a year-long domestic violence alternatives class. They may also be denied the opportunity to participate in jail alternatives and be forced to do actual jail time. A domestic violence conviction also has other consequences: you will not be permitted to possess a firearm ever again under federal law.

I have represented hundreds of people, men and women, charged with domestic violence. I know how to navigate the system. I know how to negotiate your case and I know how to try your case to a jury. In many of my domestic violence cases I have obtained dismissals of the charges before ever going to trial.