Drug Related DUII’s in Grants Pass

Drug DUII’s are on the rise. This is not necessarily because more people are driving under the influence of drugs, but rather because police are increasingly arresting people for drug DUII’s. I see more innocent people charged with drug DUII’s than any other crime. This is because police are now trained to detect every kind of drug and the police can be very aggressive when they believe someone may be under the influence.

Drug DUII’s are treated similarly to an alcohol DUII. An officer will request that someone perform Field Sobriety Tests and then they will make an arrest. After the arrest the person will be asked to participate in a Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE). During a DRE an officer will attempt to determine if someone is under the influence of a specific type of drug. To see a DRE chart and see what the officer is referring to, click here.

I have handled dozens of drug DUII’s in Josephine County and I have tried many to a jury. I have found that nearly all of these types of cases have very good defenses. You should call me and I will meet with you for a free consultation.