DUI / DUII Attorney in Grants Pass

DUII charges are the most common charges filed by prosecutors across the state. Any normal person can be charged with DUII. If you have been charged it does not mean the end of your driving privileges or your job or your record. There are numerous ways to combat your DUII. Whether this is your first DUII or whether you are charged with a repeat-offense felony DUII, it cannot be an option for you to proceed without a lawyer.

If you have already been charged with a DUII then you need to know the following facts.
• You have only 10 days to request a DMV hearing; otherwise the DMV will automatically suspend your license.
• You should not go to court and plead guilty at your first court appearance. Call me for a free consultation. You will not be punished for first pleading “not guilty” to the DUII, even if you think you are guilty.
• Do not enter into diversion without first speaking with a lawyer.
• Do not make any statements about the facts of your case at your first court appearance.


I have handled hundreds of DUII cases in my career. I have tried dozens to a jury and I have appeared in court on them countless times.


Oregon has what is called a “diversion program.” Diversion allows you to participate in classes, attend a presentation and pay a fine in exchange for a dismissal of your case. If you are eligible for diversion then it is likely that the correct decision for you will be to accept diversion. However, diversion is not right for everyone. You may be able to fight your case without doing diversion. You should certainly speak to a lawyer before you make this decision. Click here (link to Diversion section below) for more information about diversion.

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