Expunge Criminal Records in Oregon

You should call me or email me and ask me if your case is expungable. I know the expungement statue very well and will be able to determine in just a few minutes if you can have your case expunged.

In many circumstances you will be able to get your case expunged, as if it never existed and you were never charged or convicted. Oregon’s expungement law is complicated and it is changed frequently by the legislature. Generally, if you were convicted of a crime then you can get your case expunged three years after the conviction. If you have more than one conviction then you can get it expunged after 10 years. If your case was dismissed then can likely get it expunged immediately.

There are some crimes that you cannot have expunged and they will be on your record forever. These include: driving crimes, felony sex crimes, Measure 11 crimes, criminal mistreatment, and all class A felonies. If your conviction is a class B felony then it is expungable after 20 years.

Call or email me and I will tell you if your case is expungable. I will also tell you how long it will take and how much it will cost.