Pre-Charge Investigation Attorney Grants Pass

If you are under investigation by law enforcement or if you think that you might be soon, then you should contact me immediately. Your case is at a very sensitive stage. A simple mistake could be disastrous. Alternatively, a skilled and calculated plan can save your case and can save you years in prison. Follow these tips:

Do not speak to law enforcement.
o Tell them that you are “invoking your right to remain silent.” Anything you tell the police can be used against you and it is common for law enforcement to take your statements out of context and pick-and-chose your statements that they want to use. You will not talk your way out of a criminal charge. Additionally, your invocation of your right to remain silent cannot be used against you.

Have your affairs in order.
o At the point that law enforcement contacts you they have already been building a case against. If the police did not think they had a case against you then they would not be spending their time attempting to interview you. This means that they may be arresting you very soon. You should arrange for a family or friend to post your bail money. Additionally you should be preparing to hire a lawyer. Finally, make sure that your home and personal matters are in order because you may be going to jail for an indefinite period of time.

Beware of the pretext phone call.
o It is lawful in Oregon to record a phone call without you knowing it. This is a common and effective tool for law enforcement to use to obtain an admission or confession against you. The police will have someone call you and attempt to speak to you about the incident. Assume that any phone call is being recorded and do not speak to anyone on the phone about the incident.

Do not take a polygraph examination.
o If you have already been cooperating with law enforcement, then stop. The police may ask you to take a polygraph examination to prove your innocence. Do not do this. Polygraphs are inadmissible in a trial. This means that even if you pass the polygraph you will not be able to present it in your defense. In my experience the police use polygraph examinations as a tool to obtain a confession against you. Even innocent people fail polygraph examinations.