Domestic Violence Attorney Klamath Falls

Domestic violence charges are a serious matter. Not only can you be sentenced to a lengthy jail or prison sentence, but you can also be placed on supervised probation or ordered to participate in a batterer’s intervention course. Additionally, with charges of domestic violence usually comes a restraining order (link to RO & SO section). If you are convicted of a domestic violence crime then this may have an impact on your employment, as potential employers will likely see this conviction on a background check.


People often times call the police and learn that doing so was a mistake. This is because the police and prosecutor do not care what the “victim” of domestic violence wants. They will prosecute defendants even if a victim later wants to recant their statement. Often times it becomes important for a victim to hire a lawyer of their own (link to Victim’s Rights section) to help advocate for them.

A skilled defense attorney can use an uncooperative victim to your advantage. If you have been charged, then you need an attorney to begin working on this issue immediately.


The police and the District Attorney will be very aggressive in attempting to charge you with a domestic violence crime. If they can find a way to charge you with domestic violence they will. The following relationship will likely qualify:

  • A spouse or former spouse.
  • An individual you were sexually intimate with in the last two years.
  • Any adult you are related to by blood or marriage.
  • Any person you cohabitate with.
  • Any person you have a child with.


If you have been arrested or charged with a domestic violence crime then you will automatically be ordered to have no contact with the “victim.” It is also likely that you will be ordered to have no contact with the property where the incident occurred. This means that you may be ordered to stay away from your own home even if the victim does not live there.

I very frequently help my clients to get these no-contact orders lifted. Ultimately it is up to the judge. If I am on your case the judge will listen and consider permitting you to return to your home. If you want the no-contact order pertaining to the victim lifted then the victim will have to attend a class and ask the judge him or herself to have the no-contact order lifted.


If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a domestic violence crime then you should call my office and schedule a consultation immediately. I will meet with you for free and advise you of your rights and options and tell you what the possible consequences may be in your case.