Drug Related DUII Attorney

Drug DUII’s are the new frontier for law enforcement. In the past it was not even possible for someone to receive a drug DUII. That has all changed. Police agencies now have what are called “Drug Recognition Examiners,” or DRE’s. These are police officers with specialized training in drug detection.

If you are being investigated for DUII or have been arrested for DUII, do not admit to having consumed any drugs whatsoever, legal or illegal. Do not consent to participate in a drug evaluation before calling and speaking to a lawyer. A police officer will likely allow you to call a lawyer before making the decision.


Marijuana DUII’s are the most common type of drug DUII that is charged. Even though the political environment surrounding marijuana is changing and the people of Oregon are decriminalizing marijuana, police are more aggressive than ever when it comes to marijuana DUII’s.


You can get a DUII for a drug that you are lawfully prescribed. It will not matter to law enforcement if you are taking a drug prescribed to you by your doctor. You will still be arrested and charged.

I have seen people be charged with DUII and convicted for taking their doctor prescribed Ritalin, a drug prescribed for ADHD.