Marijuana Crimes

Marijuana crimes in Oregon are changing. Gone are the days that marijuana was treated the same as methamphetamine and heroin. It is now very difficult for the police and prosecutor to send you to prison over a marijuana crime. However, the police have not given up fighting marijuana. They are and will continue to attempt to charge you with the most serious crimes that they can.

Marijuana crimes can still carry a significant sentence. You can be sent to jail, placed on probation, hit with a large fine, your property and money can be seized and forfeited, and your driver’s license can be suspended. If you have been charged with a marijuana crime or if you are under investigation for one then you need an attorney to begin assisting you immediately. There are many ways that your attorney can fight your case for you.


Marijuana crimes rarely go to trial. The majority of litigating in a marijuana case happens before trial at what is called a “Motion to Suppress Evidence.” This is a tool that can be used by your attorney to either terminate the state’s case entirely or to get you a good plea bargain in your case. If the police stopped you unlawfully, arrested you unlawfully, seized the marijuana unlawfully, or otherwise violated your constitutional rights against search and seizure, then a judge may determine that the evidence they collected is inadmissible.


I have represented hundreds of people charged with all types of marijuana crimes. The most common include:

  • Possession of marijuana.
  • Delivery of marijuana.
  • Manufacture of marijuana.
  • Delivery of marijuana to a minor.
  • Delivery of marijuana within a thousand feet of a school.

If you have been charged with a marijuana crime then you have a lot at stake. You should contact my office soon and set up a free consultation. I will tell you how I can help.