***If You Were Arrested For A DUII You Only Have 10 Days From The Date Of Your Arrest To Request Your DMV Hearing, Otherwise Your License Will Automatically Be Suspended***

A DMV hearing is a crucial part of a DUII case. If you get arrested for a DUII your driver’s license will be in jeopardy for a number of reasons. A DUII arrest and conviction can lead to a suspension ranging from 90 days to a permanent, lifelong revocation.

If you were arrested for a DUII and you either failed the breath test or refused the breath test, then your license may be suspended. However, you can challenge your DMV suspension, and you should. To challenge your DMV suspension you must request a hearing within 10 days after your arrest for DUII. If you do not make this request, your license will be automatically suspended.

By challenging your DMV suspension you are asking for a hearing. At that hearing the police officer will testify and an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will determine whether or not your license should be suspended. In addition to potentially saving your driving privilege, these hearings can be valuable opportunities to gather evidence for your criminal trial down the road.

If you were recently arrested for a DUII you should contact my office immediately. I will meet with you very quickly and begin working on your DMV hearing and your case immediately.