An effective DUII defense needs to begin immediately after your arrest. A skilled DUII defense is a complete process, not just an attorney standing next to you in court. If you were recently arrested for a DUII you should contact me immediately.

DMV Hearing

You need a lawyer that will request and conduct your DMV hearing. At your DMV hearing your lawyer is not only attempting to save you a license suspension, but your lawyer needs to use this hearing as a discovery tool as well. Your lawyer should use this hearing as an opportunity to cross examine the police officer and either lock the officer’s testimony into one story or attempt to catch inconsistencies that can be used at trial later.


Your first appearance will be your arraignment. Occasionally a mistake in the charging instrument against you may exist. A skilled lawyer with a keen eye may be able to spot this mistake and use it to challenge your charges.

Case Review

The next step is the complete review of all of the evidence against you. Police procedure is an important part of a DUI defense. Did the officer have probable cause to pull you over? Were you read your Miranda rights? How were the tests administered? Did you have Field Sobriety Tests administered? Incorrectly followed police procedures can open the door to court challenges and the suppression of certain evidence.

No matter the circumstances of your arrest and no matter the facts of your DUII case, you need to speak to a skilled attorney as soon as possible.