Municipal Court Attorney Garren Pedemonte

Both Medford and Ashland have a municipal court, or “muni court.” These municipal courts are created by the city to give the city the authority to enforce city laws and violations that are committed within their city limits. If you are cited by the police within the city of Ashland or the city of Medford, you may be cited into municipal court. Muni court handles violations and misdemeanors, but no domestic violence crimes and no DUII’s.

Municipal Court is generally not as serious as Circuit Court. However, if you have been charged with an offense in Municipal Court you still need a lawyer. This is especially true if you have been charged with a misdemeanor. You can be convicted of a misdemeanor in Municipal Court and these offenses can go on your criminal record. Additionally, the Municipal Court Judge can sentence you to jail or to perform community service and can suspend your driver’s license.

The vast majority of Municipal Court cases that I have handled have resulted in dismissals. There are many tools available to us (the defense) that we can use to get your case dismissed. Call me for a free consultation and I will tell you your options and how I can help.