Restaining Orders & Stalking Orders

Protective orders come in two forms: Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders. Restraining orders are appropriate in situations where there has been some domestic violence between spouses or partners. Stalking orders do not require that a relationship exist.

Restraining orders are designed to protect an individual that has been the victim of domestic violence and is in imminent danger of further abuse. If you feel that you are in need of a restraining order then you should contact my office. Restraining orders are some of the most abused tools in the justice system. Individuals are quick to get one if they think it will provide them with an advantage. Additionally, Judges are very quick to grant them, even in unnecessary situations.

If you believe you need a protective order or if one has been served on you, then you should contact my office for a free consultation.

Restraining Orders: Restraining orders are designed to help an individual that has been abused and is in danger of further abuse. They can be a great tool for protecting someone, especially women. However, restraining orders may be the most abused tool in the entire justice system. People often use them to gain an advantage over the opposing party, or to exact revenge. Restraining orders can have immediate and significant ramifications for a person that loses the restraining order.

Stalking Orders: Unlike a restraining order, a stalking order is permanent. And the consequence of violating a stalking order is much more severe.

A stalking order can be granted by a Judge if the Judge finds that: 1. A person has been subjected to repeated unwanted contacts by an individual, and 2. The person has a reasonable apprehension regarding their personal safety.

I can help both petitioners and respondents of stalking orders. If you feel that you need a stalking order, you should contact me for a consultation. If you have been served with a stalking order then you should contact me immediately.

Terminating a Stalking Order: Although stalking orders can be permanent, a respondent is entitled to a review of the stalking order once a year. This means that you will have an opportunity to show a Judge that the stalking order is no longer necessary. If you have a stalking order against you and you desire to have it removed then you should call me.